探员L / Agent L

2012年6月23日 - 7月30日 / Jun 23rd - Jul 30th, 2012
空白空间, 北京 / White Space Beijing, Beijing

项目自述 / Artist text:


If it it is the politician's job to clarify the messy phenomena out of all the chaos around us, in order to present a clear view of the world, then perhaps it is the artist's job to do something else. Out of his curiosity to probe the guiding mechanisms of public discourse, I creates works that focus on observing political experience and its potential in the contemporary world. This task includes collecting various forms of political knowledge, mixing up its logic and combining it into unexpected contexts, with the aim of transforming those undoubted facts into new perceptions of seeing the world. Six of the presented works in this project showcased this work logic. They all came from various expericence that I encountered in my life in London, as well as the fellow-up efforts to seek comprehensions between consciousness and absurd through asking myself and self-answer.